What is Egencia?

General Considerations - Booking With Egencia

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What is Egencia?

Egencia is the University's dedicated booking tool. Benefits of Egencia include:

  • Travelers or travel arrangers can book/reserve flights, hotel, and rail with a stored University card (if approved), reducing or eliminating the need to be reimbursed for such items
  • Store frequent flyer numbers and travel preferences (i.e. Aisle/Window)
  • Mobile App to book travel, view alerts/delays, communicate with agents, etc.
  • Group Travel Planning and Sourcing – For groups up to six, travel can be booked all at once
  • Travelers are alerted to potential Travel Policy violations at the time of booking - fares in Egencia will appear as either “in-policy” or “out-of-policy"
  • 24/7 Support through the app or telephone

Review the Egencia User Guides and Training page to get started, or click on the link below for more information regarding a particular Egencia topic:

General Considerations - Booking With Egencia

Before You Book:

  • Travelers should work closely with their delegates and Org approvers, including Sponsored Projects Administration where applicable, to ensure that any travel booked through Egencia is in compliance with amounts listed on the Pre-Approval and in compliance with overall University Travel Policy.
  • Prior to booking with Egencia, travelers should:
    • review the University Travel Policy and other pages of the Travel website
    • update their profile information in Egencia, including travel preferences (aisle/window), frequent flyer accounts, flight alerts, etc.
    • download the Egencia mobile application
    • review Egencia training materials on the Egencia Traveler Center page
    • ensure what is to be booked in Egencia has been itemized on a fully-approved Pre-Approval prior to booking; see Using Egencia With Chrome River for more information

Searching in Egencia:

  • Egencia search results will display all rates and fares, regardless of whether those rates or fares are in-Policy or not. Please ensure that what is being booked is not marked as 'Out of Policy' in Egencia. Out of Policy fares/rates will display the following if not in-Policy: 
  • Travelers should carefully read the 'Rules and Restrictions' associated with the travel which is being purchased. The 'Rules and Restrictions' identify what is included with what is being purchased, and it will also indicate items like if the rate is refundable or not, if the item can be 'paid by my company,' if the item is eligible for loyalty points or frequent flyer miles, etc.
  • Travelers can still search for flights, hotels, etc. in Egencia without having to book those items right away, and the search results can be used as the basis for calculating the amounts to enter on the Pre-Approval. The searches can be saved in Egencia (under 'Trips') and then booked once the Pre-Approval has been approved.  Note it may be advisable to enter an amount on the Pre-Approval which is a little higher than the rates found in Egencia to allow for price fluctuations.
  • When searching for airports, click the 'Nearby' button in the search box to search other airports: 


  • Arrangers can look in their Egencia profiles to see which travelers the arrangers can book travel for. If a traveler is not listed but needs to be added, a request should be entered through the HelpDesk to request that the traveler be added to the arranger's profile.
  • If Egencia is showing that a trip 'cannot be booked online,' this could be due to a few scenarios:
  • There could be a legitimate issue with the Egencia site; in this case, contact an Egencia agent and state that you are having issues with the site. If the Egencia agent books your travel but you were having issues with the site, mention this to the agent and the agent-assisted fee should be refunded.
  • There could be an issue where an interline agreement does not exist between the airlines listed on your itinerary. The typical scenario would be an itinerary where the departure airline is American and the return airline is Delta or United (or vice versa). Because the two airlines do not have a current interline agreement, travelers cannot book a round-trip comprised of legs from both flights.

In this case, the traveler can attempt to purchase two one-way tickets as opposed to one round-trip ticket. Note there would be a separate booking fee of $8.00 (or $12.00 for Southwest), per Egencia itinerary, charged to the card used for the purchase, and in the case where there are two one-way tickets from these airlines on the same day, the traveler would potentially have to claim baggage from the first flight, check in with the other airline, and go through security again, so extra time should be allotted between the two flights.

Other airlines with no interline agreements with other air carriers include Southwest, Jet Blue, and Frontier.

  • All travel in Egencia should be booked between Sunday-Thursday (excluding holidays) to ensure travel is approved and booked within any airline time restrictions (for most airlines, seats on a flight are reserved until midnight PST the day after the reservation, including weekends).
  • Egencia may display other add-on services from third-party suppliers which can be purchased as part of a trip, such as airport parking discounts or airport lounge access.  Please note that these types of benefits are prohibited purchases.  Like any other Egencia expense, University purchasing cards cannot be used for these expenses, and these services also cannot be purchased and then reimbursed on an expense report.

Payments in Egencia

  • Travelers will be allowed to use the University's travel card in Egencia on a per-trip basis, if approved.  Travelers can also upload a personal card in Egencia and use that as the payment method for Egencia bookings.  Please review the Using Egencia With Chrome River page for those procedures.

Although travelers can earn frequent flyer miles or hotel reward points by booking in Egencia, those points cannot be used to actually purchase hotel rooms or flights in Egencia.

  • Egencia transaction fees are $8.00 per air or rail booking ($12.00 for Southwest flights) and will be charged to the card used at the time of booking. The fee is charged per booked itinerary. If using the University card, the fee is not charged back to the department.
  • Departmental purchasing cards ('p-cards') should never be used/uploaded in Egencia.
  • Egencia purchase notifications are sent to:
    • Travelers
    • Egencia arrangers
    • Delegate for the traveler

Approvals in Egencia

All Egencia bookings in which the University travel card is the payment method will be either approved or denied in Egencia by the Travel Department.  Trips will be approved only if:

  • The Pre-Approval for the trip in question has been fully approved
  • The items requested in Egencia are both:
    • listed in the Pre-Approval
    • at or under the approved amounts on the Pre-Approval (if using the University travel card as the payment source)

For most airlines, seats on a flight are reserved until midnight PST the day after the reservation, including weekends.  Because we want to ensure that a seat is purchased in a timely manner, to both avoid potential price fluctuations and to guarantee a seat, we ask that all travel be booked in Egencia from Sunday through Thursday.  This should ensure that the reservation isn’t automatically cancelled if attempting to book over a weekend.

Mobile Application

The Egencia mobile app can be downloaded from the iOS or Android stores. The mobile app is used for:

  • flight alerts, travel warnings, etc.
  • booking or viewing travel - everything visible in the desktop site is visible in the app
  • communicating directly with travel agents

To sign in to the mobile application, travelers should click the 'SSO Login' link in the lower-right portion of the screen. At that point, the traveler can sign in using the same method as any other University application.

Important Notice - Hotels

If wanting the University to pay for a hotel directly with the University travel card in Egencia, please remember to choose a hotel room which has 'Paid by my Company' rates available. Failure to do so would mean the traveler would have to pay for the room upon check-in.

Travelers staying at hotels will need to give a personal credit card at check-in for incidentals, as the University card can only be used for room charges only.

Important Notice - Car Rental

Travelers may reserve a car through Egencia, but a University card cannot be used to fund the rental through Egencia. If reserving a car through Egencia, the traveler should furnish a personal credit card at the counter to fund the rental expense.

Travelers should also purchase collision damage waiver coverage when renting a vehicle, but this coverage cannot be purchased through Egencia. The coverage can be funded at the rental counter, and the coverage expense can then be reimbursed to the traveler upon conclusion of the travel.