All registration payments should adhere to proper budgetary and regulatory requirements.  All registration payments should be fully approved prior to the payment.  Provisions of the University Travel Policy still apply for conference registrations. Conference registrations do not have to be declared on the Pre-Approval, unless the registration is being funded with the University’s travel card or being reimbursed to the traveler.


There are four methods to pay for an in-person or virtual conference registration.




A department purchasing card can be used to pay for the purchase of a conference registration. It can be used online or in-person as with any other type of applicable p-card transaction.

Once the transaction has posted to the department p-card, the expense should be recorded against account code 738060-Registration Fees.  You can allocate the registration in SmartData from the default FOAPAL to the FOAPAL for account code 738060, or you can do a journal voucher to reclassify the expense once it appears in Banner Finance.


The transaction may decline or reject based on the Merchant Category Code (or ‘MCC’).  By default, department purchasing cards will decline when attempting to make a purchase coded with a travel MCC. If the card is declined, or if a department purchasing card does not exist, the registration can be paid with either the University’s travel card or through a SciQuest payment request.



The exact amount of the conference registration payment must be included on the Chrome River Pre-Approval with a payment method of 'University travel card.' The University’s card cannot be used for any expense over what has been approved in the Pre-Approval. This is for both online and paper registrations. 

If the registration is a paper form, the delegate must attach the form to the Pre-Approval in Chrome River. The Travel Department will check to see that the request has been approved for the amount of the registration and will pay for the registration using the University travel card, if the vendor accepts credit cards or by Banner Direct Pay, which will issue a paper check or ACH to the vendor.

If the registration is online, the link can be sent to Travel will schedule a meeting with the traveler to pay the registration online if the registration form asks for information about the traveler we cannot provide.

Anytime the University travel card is used, the FOAPAL listed on the Pre-Approval for the registration is what will be charged.


If the registration is a paper form or a direct invoice from the vendor, the request can be submitted in SciQuest as a Non PO Payment Request Form with a payment type of Conference Registration. The account code to use would be 738060. 


If the vendor does not exist in SciQuest, a Supplier Request must be completed prior to submitting the Non PO Payment Request Form.




The traveler can pay for the conference registration out of pocket, and be reimbursed within 60 days of the receipt date or the date of the conference.