All registration payments should adhere to proper budgetary and regulatory requirements. All registration payments should be fully approved prior to the payment. Provisions of the University Travel Policy still apply for conference registrations.

Conference registrations do not have to be declared on the Pre-Approval unless the registration is being funded with the University’s travel card or if the traveler would like reimbursed for the registration expense. See below for details.

There are three methods to pay for an in-person or virtual conference registration directly with University funds:

1. Departmental purchasing card (p-card)
2. University’s travel card
3. SciQuest payment request

Note that employees can also pay for registrations out of pocket and be reimbursed for them. If the employee paid for the registration fee and is requesting reimbursement, a pre-approval must be created in Chrome River. Enter the city where the conference will take place if they are attending in-person, or where the conference will be viewed if it is a virtual conference. If the conference organizers are an international organization, and it is a virtual conference, do not list it as an international location in the pre-approval. It will be routed to the international travel oversight committee and may be denied depending on any travel bans currently in place. Once the pre-approval is approved, an expense report must be created to reimburse the traveler. 

A departmental credit card can be used to fund the purchase of a conference registration. It can be used online or in-person as with any other type of applicable p-card transaction.

It is possible that the transaction will decline or reject depending on how the vendor or payment is classified, based on the Merchant Category Code (or ‘MCC’). By default, departmental purchasing cards will decline when attempting to make a purchase coded with a travel MCC.

To that end, if the card is declined, or if a departmental purchasing card does not exist and cannot be obtained, the registration can be funded with either the University’s travel card or through a SciQuest payment request.

Note that you cannot purchase lodging in conjunction with the registration if using a p-card – the lodging would have to be paid for separately through the University’s booking tool or through use of the University’s travel card (held in the Travel Department). The University’s travel card may be used to fund the purchase of both, too, if that is easier – see next section.

Finally, if using the departmental purchasing card, the expense should be recorded against Account Code 738060-Registration Fees. You can either allocate the registration in the SmartData Online site from the default FOAPAL (typically Account Code 733020) to the FOAPAL for Account Code 738060, or you can just do a journal voucher to reclassify the expense once it appears in Banner Finance.

The exact amount of the conference registration payment request should be included in the Chrome River Pre-Approval with a payment method of 'University travel card,' and the Pre-Approval should be fully approved prior to reaching the Travel Department. The University’s card cannot be used for any expense over what has been approved in the Pre-Approval. This is for both online and paper registrations. 

If the registration is a paper form, the delegate can attach the form to the Pre-Approval in Chrome River. We will check to see that the request has been approved for the amount of the registration and will then pay for the registration using the University travel card.

If the registration is online, send a meeting request to (the travel e-mail account’s calendar is up-to-date). We can then schedule a WebEx screen-sharing session to fund the registration online (since oftentimes the registration intake form asks for information about the traveler we cannot provide – professional affiliations, dietary restrictions, etc.).

If the registration includes lodging, the expense should be recorded under the 'University Paid' expense type on the Pre-Approval. As before, the amount charged to the University’s travel card will be up to the authorized lodging amount listed on the Pre-Approval.

Anytime the University travel card is used, the FOAPAL listed on the Pre-Approval for the registration is what will be charged.

If a paper registration, the request can be submitted in SciQuest as a Non PO Payment Request Form (as a Direct Pay). The Account Code to use would be 738060. Please note that if the registration includes payment for lodging with the conference, the lodging should be submitted through the travel module and not through SciQuest. The lodging can be funded using the University’s booking tool or can be funded using the University’s credit card (above).

If the vendor does not exist in SciQuest, a New Supplier Request would have to be completed prior to submitting the request.