Request & Justification for Cash Advance Form

The Request & Justification for Cash Advance Form must be completed, in full, by travelers requesting a travel advance. The form must be approved prior to the issuance of the advance, and a detailed justification and breakdown for the amount requested must be entered on the form. Budgets/calculations should be submitted with the form, when applicable.

Notes concerning cash advances:

  • Cash advances may be received only if other payment options do not exist or are not feasible.
  • Advances are only to be used for expenses pertaining to University employees and students.
  • Advanced funds should not be used or spent by any party other than the traveler who received the advance.
  • Advanced funds are only to be used for reasons listed in the Request & Justification for Cash Advance form. If the advanced funds are used for purposes not defined on the form, the traveler may not be eligible to claim those expenses on the traveler’s expense report.
  • The amount of the advance will be used to offset any expenses prior to travelers’ receiving travel reimbursements.
  • The minimum amount requested for a cash advance is $250.00, and the maximum amount is $3,000.00. Amounts requested should be reasonable estimates of the anticipated expenses for which the advance will be used.
  • Unused funds must be returned to the Travel Department. Checks and currency should not be sent through campus mail.
  • Outstanding advances must either be settled or repaid to the University within thirty (30) days from the business travel end date.
  • The University will not accept foreign currency as a means to repay an advance or return unused funds from an advance. The traveler is responsible for converting foreign currency to US Dollars prior to repayment/return of funds.
  • If an outstanding advance is not settled in a timely manner, the amount of the cash advanced to the traveler will become taxable income reported by the University on the traveler’s Form W-2 at the end of the calendar year in which the funds were advanced.
  • Abuse of cash advances is not tolerated and will result in a travelers’ loss of cash advance privileges. Additional disciplinary action up to and including termination may also apply.

At this time, travel advances are limited to field trips/studies, international trips, or team travel.