*Instructions for Saving Catalog Forms

*Must have Adobe Acrobat (version 8.0 or later) to be able to type, save, and edit the catalog forms. With Adobe Reader, the catalog forms can be typed and printed, but cannot be saved with changes.

Course Forms

*New Course 
*Revised Course

Program Forms

  • Note: Programs with multiple concentrations must submit a program form for each individual concentration.
  • Note: There is no official assessment form. Assessment forms and tools are to be created within each individual department.
  • Program Approval Flow Chart

*New Program
    Note: include a Word copy of the new program when submitting the form.
*Revised Program
    Note: include when submitting the form:

  • a copy of the old program (titled "Attachment A - Old Program")
  • a Word copy of the revised program (titled "Attachment B - Revised Program")

*New or Revised Checksheet

*Eight Semester Student Schedule

UCC Course Proposal Cover Form

Course Proposal Cover Form

UCC-21 Instructions