Student Voluntary Services (SVS) is managed and maintained by an executive board that consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and Student Government Association (SGA) representative. Each officer is expected to hold the role of a Program Coordinator while also being a positive symbol for the SVS organization.

The SVS president oversees all executive officers, Program Coordinators, and SVS sponsored events. The president maintains consistent and open communication with the SVS advisor while creating and facilitating program coordinator meetings.

The SVS vice president manages the SVS office while serving on each one-time event committee. In the absence of the president, the vice president will fulfill that role while also maintaining the vice presidential duties.

The SVS secretary records the minutes for most SVS meetings while maintaining communication and serving as a liaison between the Executive Board, Program Coordinators, and volunteers.

The SGA representative attends all SGA meetings while serving as a liaison between SGA and SVS. The SGA representative maintains open communication between the two organizations and consults with SVS before voting on SGA issues concerning the Ball State student body.

All executive officers are selected during the spring semester to serve for an entire academic year.