Laundry facilities are located in each building for residents.

In newly renovated laundry rooms in Noyer, Studebaker West, Studebaker East, Woodworth, DeHority, Park, Kinghorn residence hall buildings, and Scheidler Apartments, you may use your Ball State ID card and the washer or dryer fee will be automatically deducted from your Cardinal Cash account. In our other laundry rooms, washers and dryers take quarters. The cost is $1.50 per wash load and $1.25 to dry for one hour.

Also, make sure to purchase the laundry detergent pods that are "HE" for high-efficiency washing machines. HE detergent pods work better in our front-loading clothes washers in the newly renovated laundry rooms.

Want to see if there are open washers and dryers in your hall or complex or apartment community? Check out the Ball State Laundry WashAlert, a Web site that tracks the availability of washers and dryers in selected buildings. You may also sign up for free e-mail notification when a specific washer or dryer is available.

Watch our video for more tips on doing laundry in the residence halls.