I can’t connect to the Internet in my room. What should I do?

If you have a switch or hub, disconnect the power for 30 seconds, reconnect power, and then restart computer to see if there is a connection. (Note: Wired and wireless routers are not permitted for use on the Ball State network. Routers will be turned off when detected as routers negatively affect other users in your building. Find out more about our computer usage policy.)

a. Check for an IP Address
     i. Go to Start menu
     ii. Run
     iii. Open: cmd (ok)
     iv. Black box should appear – type in – ipconfig (enter)
     v. The IP Address should be 10.xxx.xxx.xxx
     vi. If an address of or should appear there is no connection to the Internet and go to the lab and submit a ticket online or call the HelpDesk at 765-285-1517.

b. Check to see if the network connection has been disconnected.
     i. Go to Start
     ii. My Network Places
     iii. View Network Connections
     iv. Local Area Connection should be visible with no yellow marks
     v. Do a right mouse click on Local Area Connection and the first thing on the list should be disable, if the first thing is enabled then select that setting and it should enable the connection.

c. If the jack has been damaged a Fix My Home request should be submitted at the computer lab so the jack can be repaired.

Having trouble with wireless connection in your room?

Be sure your device is connecting using the bsusecure wireless SSID, not the bsuguest. The bsuguest network is for guests to campus, not intended for Ball State students or staff. It is a limited bandwidth with minimal access permissions. Wireless setup guides are available at each hall desk for students to use for step-by-step instructions on connecting a device.

Students, faculty and staff that are using a wireless network connection are encouraged to use bsusecure. You can find specific instructions to configuring a device at the following link: HelpDesk.

IMPORTANT: Wired and wireless routers are not permitted for use on the Ball State network. Routers will be turned off when detected as routers negatively affect other users in your building. Learn more about the no router policy by watching our video.

Where to find tech help within the residence halls or apartments?

For any technical issues with wired and/or wireless within the residence hall you should contact the Technology HelpDesk at the following information: 
        Bracken Library - UTS Technology Center 
        Technology HelpDesk 
        Phone # 765-285-1517
     Online Help:

For the best gaming experience try the following out:

Connecting using a wired Ethernet cable in your residence hall room will give you better speed and performance when gaming. For more information on wired connections and networking switches go to the following link: HRL Computer Connections. Also, for those looking for a more competitive gaming environment you might want to try out our Gaming League labs in the Student Center room 118 on Friday and Saturday nights. For more information go to the following link: UTS Gaming League.

I’m in a hurry and want to drop into a nearby lab instead of the one for my hall. Can I do this?

Yes—all students living in the residence halls have access to the computer labs in Studebaker West and Noyer.

Is there a limit to how many pages I can print?

We ask that students limit their printing to 30 pages a day. Students also are asked to only use the lab printers for academic purpose (i.e. homework, research). Help us save the environment by conserving paper and toner.
(Note: In all technology centers printer tips and tricks to conserving paper signs have been posted to help residents be more environmentally friendly. Also, the printers are all now capable of printing on both sides of a page (duplexing).