Bikes and Motorcycles - Residence Hall Policy

A student may store a bicycle (unicycle, etc.) in his or her room provided it does not create an unsafe condition in the room and the roommate has given permission for storage. Students are responsible for any damage incurred from storage of the bicycle (i.e., rooms, hallways, common areas, elevators). Bikes may not be stored in hallways, lounges, kitchens, or any common area in the residence hall, unless designated as such. Students may not ride bicycles in the halls and may lose storage privileges if they abuse this policy.

Two-wheeled motorized vehicles (i.e., scooters, mini-bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, etc.) are not allowed within the residence halls. This type of motorized vehicle must be parked outdoors in a designated area. Bike lockers may be rented through the Office of Housing and Residence Life for storage of this type of motorized vehicle, based on their size.

Renting a bike locker is an inexpensive way to protect your investment. The Office of Housing and Residence Life offers bike lockers students may rent to protect their bikes from the elements.

Students are encouraged to register their bikes with the University Police Department, as bikes that are registered are less likely to be stolen, and if stolen are more likely to be recovered and returned to their owners.