Students may have small electrical appliances with unexposed, self-contained heating units. With the exception of microwaves, all cooking must be done in the community kitchens. Appliances that require an open flame, propane, gasoline, or hot grease such as deep fryers, space heaters, or Instapots are not allowed to be used in or around any of the residence halls.

Specifically, students should plan to shop for small appliances with these features and/or usage guidelines:

-Panini or sandwich maker (also known as the George Foreman Grill): Use in your kitchenette
-Toaster: Use in your kitchenette
-Toaster Oven: Please do not bring to campus
-Coffee Maker: Use one with automatic shutoff feature; can use in your room
-Hot Pot: Okay to use in your room
-Hot Plates/Candle Warmers: Please do not bring to campus
-Clothes Iron: Use one with automatic shutoff feature; can use in your room with an ironing board
-Microwave Oven: Must be 800 watts or less
-Other Items: Please call our office for guidance before purchasing or packing.

Refrigerators operating on no more than 1.6 amps and no more than 5.0 cubic feet may be used in student rooms. Units should be placed on a stand or cart unless they have feet and back-mounted heat exchangers. Units may not be placed in closets. Units must be plugged into an Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) approved power strip or directly into the electrical outlet.

Hall directors reserve the right to require students to remove an appliance that does not fit the above requirements or that may be a foreseeable danger to the safety and security of the residents. Student rooms are periodically checked for health, safety, and maintenance issues.

Students also may rent MicroFridges.