Budgeting rent at $400 a month doesn’t sound bad for an apartment. But when you factor in utilities, cable TV, Internet service, and other living expenses, that amount can quickly multiply. Rent alone at apartment complexes in Muncie can average about $620 per month or more.

University Apartments are reasonably priced, and we have no hidden fees or gimmicks. Unlike at many other places, here you won’t pay extra for utilities and amenities such as cable TV and Internet service. If you need a landline phone, we can provide this service at a reduced rate.

Our leases are also flexible. Instead of requiring a 12-month commitment, we offer leases for the academic year or just a semester. If you sign a renewal contract, you can store your belongings for the summer break at a reduced rate.

Learn more about our rates for students and for faculty and staff, and be sure to check out our current specials.