International students are required by Indiana law to be tested for tuberculosis, or TB, in the United States before beginning classes at Ball State University.

Testing will be done during orientation which is usually the week prior to the start of classes.  The preferred test is a blood test called an interferon-gamma release assay. 

The test used at Ball State is called the Quantiferon and is not affected by the Tuberculosis vaccination, or BCG.  The cost of the test is $70.  The Rinker Center will provide instructions on how to pay this fee online with a credit card  in advance.   The other option for students is to pay with a credit/debit card when they come to have their blood drawn for the test at the Health Center.   Students who have a positive test will be notified.  They will be required to have an additional evaluation and testing such as a chest x-ray before starting classes.

If you have had a TB test performed in the United States prior to admission to Ball State University, please read the complete policy for TB testing here.