Created in 1943, the Army Specialized Training Program at Ball State University was one of more than two hundred across the nation. The young men who entered this program were specifically trained in such areas as engineering, foreign languages, and medicine. Most of the recruits fully expected to become officers at the end of their training.


While at Ball State University, the Army and Navy recruits' barracks were at Lucina and Elliott halls. Recruits marched to class in groups, ate in mess halls located in the barracks, and trained in the fields around Ball State's campus. As most expected to become officers, they conducted themselves accordingly and were welcomed among their fellow students and community.

First Graduation Army Special Forces

First graduating class of the Army Specialized Training Program at BSU. 1943-1944 Unfortunately, many of these young men were disappointed in their quest to become officers. The ASTP was disbanded in 1944, and instead of attaining officer status, the soldiers were left with the rank of private and sent off to combat positions. These soldiers were considered especially valuable in the field due to the specialized training they had received.