This list represents many of the architectural firms, architects, landscape architects, planners, and architectural photographers found in our collections. If you do not see the name of the person or firm you are looking for, please search in our General Collection list or contact the archivist with your request. The archivist can be reached via email at or by phone at 765-285-8441.

Allen, Joseph Lloyd (1897-1975)

Arvin, Sherrill (1901-1987); S. E. Arvin & Sons, builders

Ayres, Leslie F. (1906-1952)

Bartel, Samuel G. (1856-ca. 1927)

Beals, Jessie Tarbox (1870-1942)

Beaman, Richard E.

Bennett, Claire

Bishop, Richard E. (1892-1973)

Bixby, Jay C. (1889-1983)

Bouchet, Jules Frederic (1799-1860)

Cezar, Joseph O. (1903-1991)

Daggett, Robert Frost (1875-1955)

Daggett, Robert Frost, Jr. (1912-1985)

Daggett, Robert Platt (1837-1915)

Damon, Richard Hart (1920-2000)

Garrard, Carl Wave (1889-1991)

Geda, Stan

Gibson, Edwin A. (1925-2011)

Graham, Frederick (1912-2007)

Greenways Foundation

Hamilton, Charles Eugene (1904-1988)

Harris, Will D. (-1910)

Henning, Arthur B. (1910-1994)

Hermansen, David R. (1928-1994)

Holmes, Alvin W. (1901-1988)

Indiana Bridge Company

Indianapolis Parks Department

Johnson, McMillan Houston, Jr. ( 1887-1923)  

Kelley, John Robert (1902-1991)

Kibele, Cuno (1866-1927)

Martindale, John D.

McConnaughey, Thomas A. (1907-1972)

  • Thomas McConnaughey Architectural Drawings finding aid

McGuire, William C. (1888-1960)

Miller, Erwin F. (1887-1953)

Miller, Ewing H. ( 1890-1923)

Miller, Ewing H., II (b. 1923)

Miller, Gladys J. (1926-1993)

Miller, Warren D. (1887-1970)

Naegele, Frederich Harold (1903-1979)


Nicewanner, H. Kay (1885-1973)

Nolan, Schuyler N. (1894-1981)

Pecsok, Jelliffe & Randall 

Pierre, Edward D. (1890-1971)




Richert, Johanes

Richert, Jean

Routt, Lester W. (1891-1970)

Sappenfield, Charles M. (b. 1930)

Scholl, Lloyd W. (1917-1989)

Schroeder, Francis E. (1908-1988)


Schucker, Rudolph W. (1889-1952)


Shook, Wilbur Briant (1889-1961)




Shopbell, Clifford (1871-1939)

Smith, M. Carlton (1905-1984)

Sollitt, Ralph Shannon

Strauss, Alvin Max (1895-1958)

Trowbridge, Raymond W. (1886-1936)


Vonnegut, Bernard (1858-1908)

Vonnegut, Kurt, Sr. (1885-1956)


Walcott, Russell S. (1889-1959)


Weber, Wayne (1905-1984)

Werking, Charles Ellsworth (1869-1951)

Werking, Paul Revere (1896-1970)

Wilkinson Lumber Company 

Wright, George Caleb (1889-1973)


Yeager, Ralph O.

Young, Daniel B. (1934-1986)