Internships give you the opportunity to experiment with different career paths, apply classroom knowledge to real-world situations, and gain hands-on experience in a professional setting. Often, internships can help students secure jobs after graduation. The Department of Political Science will help ensure that your internship experience is a meaningful step toward fulfilling your career goals.


Internships need to be related to the public sector in some way. This includes working for:

  • government agencies
  • nonprofits
  • policy agencies
  • political associations
  • lobbies

Undergraduate political science majors have the option of completing an internship as their capstone course credit.

However, you must successfully complete:

  • POLS 130 American Government
  • POLS 237 State and Local Government
  • one of the following: POLS 342 Public Policy; POLS 350 Public Administration; POLS 431 Congress; POLS 473 American Political Parties

Legal studies majors should speak to Brad Gideon about the internship requirements for that program.

Master of public administration students are required to complete an internship unless they have significant working experience prior to entering the program.

Students who want to waive the internship requirement should contact Charles Taylor.

Master of arts in political science students are not required to complete an internship, but they have that option should they desire to do so.

Students who wish to pursue this option should contact Steven Hall for more information.

How to Find an Internship

You will need to start making phone calls and connecting with potential employers as soon as possible to get your internship established.

In many cases, this will include an interview process, so have a good resume and cover letter developed before applying. The Ball State Career Center can help you with the development of these items.

Students should contact Sean Hildebrand prior to setting up or applying for an internship to make sure it meets the department’s expectations and requirements.

Current Internship Information (PDF)


  • Visit (and “like”) the Ball State Political Science Facebook page, where we regularly list internship opportunities.
  • Watch your email for messages from the department. We periodically send out internship listings that we hear about.
  • Visit websites dedicated to listing internships, such as IndianaIntern.Net and
  • Contact government agencies, public elected officials or campaigns, political parties, or nonprofits to inquire about internship opportunities.