One way to enhance your college resume is to add a minor. Our department offers four:

  • physics 
  • applied physics with a concentration in either electronics or nanoscience
  • astrophysics (for students interested in careers in astronomy or astrophysics at the university level or in research)
  • introductory astronomy (for students interested in careers in K-12 science education or popular science education)

These minors are open to anyone with an interest in the fields of physics, astrophysics, or astronomy. Our physics minors are suited for music technology majors or anyone who would like to work in the fields of physics, chemistry, geology, professional meteorology, or computer science. Our astrophysics minor pairs well with our physics major, especially if you would like to pursue graduate studies in astronomy, or with minors in chemistry, computer science, or mathematics. The introductory astronomy minor is a good choice for K-12 science teachers or persons interested in working in planetariums or science museums.

To officially declare one of these minors, go to any Academic Advising center, (the Cooper Advising Center is in CP 253), fill out the Major/Minor Change form and submit as directed. This action will add these course requirements to your DAPR and assist you and your advisor in program planning and course scheduling.