Do you gaze up at the sky and wonder how it all works? Why is the sky blue? What makes up the stars in the night sky? These are questions that physics and astronomy can answer. DomePhysics is the study of everything around us, from the smallest particle in an atom to the ever-expanding universe. It is in the lamp you turn on in the morning, the car you drive, your iPod, and cell phone. Physics is the reason a football soars down the field—and why it falls toward the ground. We will give you the basic principles on how it all works, and you will find our environment welcoming.

At Ball State, you'll get personal attention as you pursue rigorous course work that includes advanced math, and you'll work with faculty who are doing groundbreaking research with real-world applications. Students in our programs have the advantage of working in small classes in a relatively large university. We provide both individual attention and a broad spectrum of experiences. You'll see how our excellent instruction applies outside the classroom with hands-on projects, including research opportunities, even for students seeking bachelor's degrees. The reward for your hard work? Well, our alumni have had great success in finding jobs that are interesting and pay well and getting advanced degrees.

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