General Instructions for Applicants

  1. Applications must be postmarked by specified deadlines.
  2. Submit one (1) copy of the application to Cindy Thomas ( via e-mail,
    • Application Form 
    • Budget Form 
    • Vita (1 page biographical sketch) for Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators 
    • Proposal
    • Copy of IRB approval – awarding of funds is contingent on IRB approval. 
    • Contact Research Committee Co-Chair, Renee Twibell at 765-285-1663 if you have
      questions about the application or proposal preparation process
    • Applicants who are not funded will be given feedback from the Research Committee.

    Guidelines for Preparation of Grant Proposal

    1. Proposal limited to five pages (excluding title page, references, appendices)
    2. 12 point font, 1 inch margins on all sides, double spaced, references in APA format
    3. Include the following sections in your proposal:


    • Proposal title; principal investigator name, title, and affiliation; co- investigator name(s), title(s), and affiliations; contact information for principal investigator only (mailing address, phone number and e-mail address).

    ABSTRACT (200 word limit)

    • Include purpose of study, background, subject population, methodology to be used, and potential contributions to the field of nursing.


    1. Statement of Problem – briefly describe the problem that led to the proposed study
    2. Purpose of the Study – state concisely the specific aims or what the research is intended to accomplish
    3. Significance – describe the importance of the proposed study in relation to existing knowledge and potential contribution to nursing
    4. Methodological Approach – describe the research design, target population, characteristics of subjects, setting, sampling procedure, instruments including reliability and validity (include instruments in appendix), procedure or data collection, means of data analysis, and any limitations of the study
    5. Human Subjects – include copy of IRB approval and human subject consent form in appendix
    6. References (not included in page limit)
    7. Appendices (not included in page limit) – IRB approval, human subject consent form, instruments, etc.

    BUDGET (not included in page limit)

    1. Use Budget Form to detail anticipated expenses with justification.
    2. A separate budget narrative is not required.

    TIMEFRAME (not included in page limit)

    • Provide a 12 month schedule that specifies timing of main steps of the study.


    • Provide vita (1 page biographical sketch) for Principal Investigator and any Co-Investigators.