If spending a few weeks in the summer chasing storms sounds good, you can sign up for our storm chasing class, one of the few university programs where you will earn college credit.

During the summer, you will spend four days in class and about 18 days in the Great Plains chasing storms. On your chase day, you will have a morning meeting with your classmates to decide your destination. As the class progresses, your teacher will become more like an advisor and chauffeur as your team leads the way.

If we don’t get any good storm chasing weather, we’ll just hang out at national parks, cultural sites, and other cool places.

So, what’s a trip like this cost?

One fee covers tuition, fees, lodging, transportation, equipment, and miscellaneous things. This fee is estimated to be $2,800 and is payable in installments but must be paid by May 1. Meals and incidentals are not covered, and you can figure another $200-400 for these.

The benefits of this trip: you earn 6 college credits (check with your advisor to see how those fit into your program), see a new part of the U.S., perhaps study some severe convective storms and possibly tornadoes, and make lifelong connections with other future meteorologists.

While this course is full of adventures and fun, we take precautions to reduce risks, especially from lightning and driving in the weather conditions. To make sure you 're safe, you will be briefed on lightning safety before the trip. If the weather is too hazardous while we're chasing, you may be asked to remain in the vehicle. We use live radar feeds to aid in spotting tornadoes and avoiding large hail. We also do not chase on interstates, dirt roads, or at night, nor do we "core-punch," or drive through an intense storm in order to reach a tornado.

If you follow the rules, you'll return from your trip with exciting stories.