Hands-on experience is one great way to get to learn your craft, and at Ball State, we will give you several opportunities to get up close and personal with geography and all of its options. 

Immersive learning is the hallmark of a Ball State education. Immersive learning is all about working with students outside your major and solving real-world problems—a key skill for landing that first job. Our students who have participated in immersive learning said it enhanced what they were learning in class and gave them a glimpse of real-world problems—and real-world solutions. When you participate in an immersive learning project, you work with a faculty mentor to solve your team's problem and present a tangible product such as a book, DVD, or business plan.

One example of an immersive learning experience: some of our students were a part of an interdisciplinary 10-student Building Better Communities Fellows team (formerly Business Fellows). The team used geographic information systems (GIS) technology to help Advanced Hearing Care in Anderson determine the feasibility and optimal location of a second office.

Future meteorologists get a chance to practice their skills in front of the camera, with the help of Ball State;s nationally recognized Department of Telecommunications, also called TCOM. TCOM has the latest in equipment, including labs with everything in the industry standard lighting, digital cameras, and digital and audio recording equipment.

If you choose the meteorology and climatology option, you may get the chance to get on-air experience working with NewsLink Indiana, a news service for east central Indiana residents and an innovation of Ball State and the iCommunications initiative. You can also pitch an idea to the staff at Cardinal Vision 57 to start your own weather show.

Plus, our high-tech weather station will give you a chance to track and study local conditions. You can expand your knowledge by spending a part of your summer chasing storms in the Great Plains or by studying abroad.

You will find that at Ball State learning is always taken to the next level.