Have you wondered what creates a hurricane? Why is there sometimes a rainbow after a storm? Our meteorology and climatology option can help you answer those questions and more.

If you plan on being the next budding meteorologist or have a strong interest in weather and climate, this option was designed for you. Our goal is to teach you the general principles of science in systematic investigations of earth-atmosphere system and subsystem dynamics and to train you in the use of technology (satellites, radar, automated weather observations, and numerical weather prediction) to analyze these systems on a variety of spatial and temporal scales

If you’re considering a career where knowledge of operational meteorology and climatology somewhat relates to your job, then our meteorological studies would be your option, leading to careers in emergency management, environmental analysis, and transportation planning. 

Our Major in Meteorology and Climatology meets the American Meteorological Society (AMS) qualifications for the title "meteorologist" and Federal Civil Service requirements (GS1340) for employment by the National Weather Service.

If your goal is to be a broadcast meteorologist, we have several opportunities to help you learn. We work with our nationally recognized Department of Telecommunications to help you get comfortable in front of the camera. You will also have hands-on broadcast opportunities such as your own spot on Cardinal-Vision 57, Ball State’s student-run television station, or an opportunity with NewsLink Indiana, which delivers news to east central Indiana.