At Ball State, you don't have to wait until grad school to have a real opportunity to do research on interesting topics with modern instrumentation. About 80 percent of our students conduct some type of research with us. It’s important that you get this experience because research can help you learn about and use modern equipment, and it can help you decide on a career.

Larger schools may talk about research, but they don't tell you that those positions are available to only a few students. And smaller schools often don't have the latest equipment that can better prepare you for graduate school or a career.

Here, you will work with faculty members on such projects as studies of enzymes, preparation of possible anticancer agents, and the investigation of catalyses.

As a result of your research and guidance from us, you may have the opportunity to deliver presentations at the Indiana Academy of Science and the American Chemical Society (ACS) or work with faculty members in writing papers to be published in well-known chemistry journals.

Opportunities for you to conduct research with us are available during the summer research program and the regular academic year. Check out what areas of chemistry our faculty are currently researching.