Earning your minor in biology is a great addition to many career paths. You can include a biology minor with practically any major. A minor in biology is also appropriate if you want to broaden your knowledge or skills for potential jobs, or even for personal interest.

There's no need to apply but contact us if you're interested in pursuing this minor. To begin earning your biology minor, you must have completed CHEM 100 or a chemistry equivalent.

To earn a minor in biology, you must complete the following courses:

Minor in Biology, 19-20 credit hours

Course Credit Hours
BIO 111 - Principles of Biology 1 4
BIO 112 - Principles of Biology 2   

BIO 111 - Principles of Biology 1  4
BIO 113 - Microbiology for the Health Sciences
11* hours from one of the two following emphases 11*


Students seeking a minor in Biology should align 200 level courses with expected course work at the 300 and 400 level, taking prerequisites into consideration. BIO 369, 394, and 498 are excluded from counting towards a minor. Please examine the options that are listed for biology majors as potential sources of 300 and 400 level course work based on your interest.

You may choose one of the following study emphasis:

Environmental Science Emphasis: Directed Electives - 11*

Course  Credit Hours
 BIO 210 - Introduction to Botany
-PLUS 8 hours from the following-

BIO 216 - Ecology

5-8 hours from 300-400 level BIO, BIOT, BOT, or ZOOL

Cellular/Molecular Biology Emphasis: Directed Electives - 11*

 Course Credit Hours
 BIO 214 - Genetics
 -PLUS 7 hours from the following-  
BIO 215 - Cell Biology
3-7 hours from 300-400 level BIO, BIOT, BOT, or ZOOL