Ft. Wayne Zoo The Department of Biology at Ball State University has partnered with the acclaimed Fort Wayne Children's Zoo to offer a special immersive learning experience to students interested in zoo and aquarium careers. The program provides unique insights into zoology jobs and offers students various opportunities to enhance their résumés for future applications. Our behind-the-scenes visits to several outstanding, regional zoos are both informative and fun.


The structure of this immersive zoo course revolves around hands-on activities including job shadowing, zoo animal research, and development of projects of value to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo programs. Projects completed thus far include the creation of animal care videos for zoo Zebra at Ft. Wayne Zoovisitor education, assessment of visitor navigation within the zoo, studies of primate enrichment activity, and evaluations of the quality and effectiveness of zoo webcams.


Rob Bragg, a student in the first group to participate in this immersive learning course, produced a video of that experience. (We recommend using Firefox with the Silverlight plug-in to view the video.)  It lasts about 3 minutes and offers perspectives from students, the professor, and community partners. Student at Ft. Wayne Zoo

Should you have further questions regarding this unique opportunity, contact Gary Dodson.