You can personally experience the natural history of the marine, estuarine, freshwater, and terrestrial habitats of the Atlantic coast of the GA island photosoutheast United States. This can happen through a nine-day field excursion to Sapelo Island, Georgia, during the spring break from classes. We will stay at the University of Georgia Marine Institute.

You will become familiar with the basic ecology and organisms of the southeast U.S. coastal habitats. Weekly meetings prior to the field trip include information that helps familiarize you with the biological diversity that you will encounter.

You can expect to improve your skills associated with designing, conducting, and analyzing biological field studies. Prior to the trip, you will conduct literature searches and formulate tentative hypotheses in preparation for research projects to be conducted at Sapelo Island. Methodology and statistical analyses must be described before the trip.

Our time at the coast will be divided into whole-group activities and individual projects. Upon return to campus, class meetings will be used for data analysis, creation of poster presentations, and other learning assessment.

The course is 3 credit hours and a special fee applies.