Metered parking is available by the hour or for the whole day in each parking garage. Overnight parking is prohibited in all parking garages.

Garage Rates

Hours 1-3 $1 per hour

Hours 4-6 $.50 per hour

Hours 7-8 $.25 per hour

$5 Maximum Daily Rate


You must pay at the beginning of your stay in the parking garage.  The pay stations in each parking garage provide step by step instructions for making payment.    In order to pay, you will need to know your space number.  Space numbers are located on the sign in front of each parking space.  Be sure to enter the correct space number, citations issued for entering an incorrect space number will not be cleared.  There are no in and out privileges in the metered areas of the parking garages.

The pay stations accept the following forms of payment:

  • bills - $1 and $5 bills only
  • change - nickels, dimes, and quarters
  • credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, and Discover

Pay stations do not give change. The Office of Parking Services does not issue refunds for money paid in the parking garage or excess time on a meter.

Broken or malfunctioning pay stations should be reported immediately to Parking Services at 765-285-1208 or 765-285-1111.


R6 Emens Structure – Metered parking is located on the top floor of R6 with a pay station located in each of the three stairwells and one at the bottom of the up and down ramp on the top floor.

R7 McKinley Avenue Structure – Metered parking is located on the bottom floor of R7 with a pay station located at each pedestrian  exit.

R8 Student Center Structure - Metered Parking is located on the bottom floor of R8 with one pay station located at the pedestrian exit on the north side of the garage.