Sustainable Development
TJD 03 - 15 - 2010

Sustainable design is an emerging trend associated with development around the world. Dubai and Beijing are cities that are focusing on developing communities for generations to come. Also, energy conservation is the growing trend to conserve our dwindling natural resources. Components of the Burj Kalifa were designed on sustainable principles. For instance, the landscape surrounding the structure is irrigated by utilizing a condensation collection system. The system collects water when the scorching Dubai sun makes contact with the cool interior air. As a result, the 5 million square foot structure transfers approximately 15 million gallons of water from a mixture of air temperatures. Water is stored below grade and pumped throughout the complex to irrigate vegetation. Kalifa fountain is a 30 acre manmade lake designed with the tallest fountains in the world. The water fountain also reduces the urban heat island effect. Despite Dubai’s sizzling solar radiation, surrounding environments are cooler due to the process of evaporation. The Olympic Village in Beijing China is another example of creating sustainable environments. The housing complex was the first LEED certified development. There are several characteristics that were integrated into this energy efficient community. Storm water is utilized in a heat exchange system to reduce heating and cooling costs by 40 percent. Additional energy efficient solutions include integrating solar and green roofs, windows, and insulation. Also, 90% of parking environments within the development are located underground. This enables residents to enjoy a park system that links the network of housing complexes within the Olympic Village. Bioswales are integrated into the design to manage stormwater. Drought resistant plants are used to conserve water use. This design also reduces the urban heat island effect. Vegetation helps to reduce high temperatures during summer months. Therefore, this adaption creates therapeutic spaces for residents while reducing cooling costs. In conclusion, creating sustaining development will promote healthy living. This will increase the standard of living since residents will have a sense of pride. Also, developing future building initiatives will enhance the lives of future generation. Top Right Image: Beijing Olympic Village Bottom Right Image: Burj Kalifa's man made lake and water fountain

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