The Little Things in Life
SJR 02 - 06 - 2010

It is true that we are seeing some remarkable things on this trip, and we are all very lucky to be a part of this experience. The farther into the trip we go though, the more I am beginning to realize that while seeing these amazing sites like the Great Pyramids, Hagia Sophia, and the Parthenon, it's actually the little things that are some of the most memorable moments. The kinds of events I'm referring to might seem insignificant to a passerby, and yet they are some of my fondest memories on the trip. Things like seeing a rainbow at Ephesus, enjoying a packed lunch of Nutella and bread while gazing out at the Mediterranean in Nice, watching a young Egyptian boy attempt to learn and play hacky-sack with all the tall guys on the trip, or watching the sunset over the Acropolis. Even things like free water or a chocolate bar are becoming small treats for us! One of my favorite little moments though was looking out the plane window leaving Greece. The sea was so blue, it matched the sky and you couldn't tell which way was up. It felt as though you were upside down and flying over the sky. It gave a whole new meaning to walking on the clouds. Itís true there can be no rival to the chills you get walking into the Great Mosque of Cordoba or the awe one feels when standing at the base of the pyramids, but 20 years from now I have a feeling I'll remember not only the places we went, but laughing so hard we couldn't breathe over a random comment or trying to help an Albanian who hardly spoke English fill out his customs information on the flight to Egypt. This trip isn't just about furthering our design education; it's also about self discovery, about people and friends, and learning to appreciate the little things in life, just as much as the big things. Top Photo: Hacky-sack in Egypt Middle Photo: Spending time by the Mediterranean, Alexandria Bottom Photo: The look of the WT4 tourist on an unexpected hot day in Athens - hiking boots, rolled up pants and sleeves, camera, and a sketch book....perhaps this is why we get funny looks???

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