RRY 04 - 06 - 2010

Our trip is sadly coming to an end, we have seen and experienced so much it has been such a wonderful trip. One of our last stops in Malham brought something new and very refreshing. Malham is a very small hiking town about four hours from the boarder of Scotland. The town, which consists of twenty buildings and one restaurant, basically exists because of the gorgeous landscape which makes it wonderful for hikers. We stopped in Malham just for that reason, to hike. We have seen and stayed in many cities along our travels, and while cities are fabulous, the fast pace and grime of the city gets very old. Hiking among the beautiful scenery was so refreshing as we were able to breathe in fresh air and just get out and not worry about coming into contact with any other individuals. Our day started out with a four hour bus drive to Malham, and once there we quickly found our hostel, got settled in and immediately hit the trails. We started our three hour trek when we first came upon a beautiful cliff and instead of taking the more adventurous rock climbing way up, I decided to take the 240 stairs to the top. Once on top we had a 360 degree panorama view of the traditional English farming landscape. It was just our luck that it was raining that day and once atop the rocky cliff it was very slippery and muddy which made for a fun/muddy hike. After about two hours of walking in the very windy weather we came to one of the most stunning waterfalls, some people were adventurous and climbed up the falls but I didnít feel like getting wet and took the long way around the next day. After the beautiful waterfall we came across a very large and the clearest lake I have every come across. The end of our hike ended with a beautiful walk which seemed strait out of a movie, as the wooded area was full of bright green moss and the lingering smell of wild onions. Three hours later, sadly our hike for the day was over, but we did get to go out an experience more of the landscaping the next day. Our day came to a close when we cleaned up and headed back to the hostel where our night activities included watching The lady and the Tramp and Babe the pig.

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