Barcelona Day 1
RRY 01 - 14 - 2010

I did not have much hope for our first day in Barcelona because of our previous nightís cramp and stinky sleeping accommodations, but despite the rough sleeping conditions I actually slept quite well. Our train arrived in Barcelona around 9:30 in the morning, as soon as we stepped outside the train station I became instantly excited to see all that Barcelona had to offer. We couldnít have asked for a better day, the sun was out in full force and the temperature was a comfortable 54 degrees. After a very gloomy rainy last day in Granda the weather in Barcelona is what turned my day around. We were originally supposed to go straight to the hotel to put our luggage away, but not wanting to waste one second of the beautiful day we decided to just board the bus and start our tour of Barcelona. The bus tour of the city was very nice as it gave us a quick glimpse of the city and allowed us to see the best attractions at a quick pace. During the bus tour we stopped multiple times at specific spots to see special attractions. We stopped first at the Olympic stadium of 1992 and was really rather unimpressed, partially because of the spectacular games we recently witnessed in Beijing. We also stopped at the Olympic harbor which was a cool venue situated along the coast. After that brief five minute stop we boarded the bus and made our next stop at what I think was a convention center/fair grounds. This was a very unique place with cutting edge architecture and a large amount of land set aside for seasonal activities. This space was dead at the time we visited it, because winter is the offseason for such activities. After that brief 45 minute stop we boarded the bus and continued the tour of the city. With our bus tour of Barcelona coming to an end we were dropped off at the hotel so we could get situated in our rooms and eat. I ate at a local restaurant, Iím not to entirely sure what I ate as I donít speak a lick of the Spanish, but whatever it was, it was very good. After lunch the entire group gathered to start our long journey to the famed Park Guell, a famous park designed by the architect Gaudi. The park was one of my most anticipated sites to see as I have seen and learned so much about it in class, and once we arrived I was not disappointed. We were greeted by the park thanks to a grand entrance, and after a briefing of the park by Ted we were set free to explore all the park had to offer. The 360 degree panoramic views of Barcelona from the park were breathtaking, and a something I will never forget. We stayed in the park to watch the sunset which was absolutely spectacular, but with night falling upon us we decided to start the long journey back to our hotel. An hour and a half later we arrived at the hotel, walking over ten miles today my feet felt like they were going to fall off and it was nice to be able and sit and relax for a while. Too exhausted to do anything else I sat in the hotel room doing laundry and getting organized. So far Barcelona has been my favorite city. The city atmosphere and local design culture has really got me excited to explore the city and experience all Barcelona has to offer.

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