RRY 01 - 23 - 2010

My hometown project is located in Dayton, Ohio. My proposal is a 150 acre plot of Land running along the Great Miami River. The land used to be world headquarters for National Cash Register, but recentaly, a move to Deluth, Georgia left the high priority land vacant.NCR's unexpected move to Georgia severed the 109 year relationship with Dayton and left a bitter taste in many of the residents mouths. This parcel of land is centrally located and is a good area to create a focal point for the community, and a good area to provide connections throughout the neighborhood. The site is located within a walking distance of a variety of ammenities including the University of Dayton, a nationally recognized golf course, historically important parks, and downtown Dayton (including the popular river front park). My idea while still in the early stages of planning is to turn this plot of land into an area which can be utilized by all the residents of Dayton, weather it be as a destination, or as an area to provide connections to other ammenities.I have a number of ideas at this point for activities which could occupy the land. NCR and Dayton for that matter is Nationally recognized for their inventive nature. Being so close to the University of Dayton, one idea would be to create an expansion of the campus and provide a park like setting for the students and community while at the same time alowing the campus to expand which will further the reputation of the already outstanding acedemic institution (the university recently purchased the land in hopes to expand their recearch and development department).The site will also need to connect features of Dayton, because of its location along the river, a riverfront revitilzation plan will be a perfect solution and will connect my site to downtown Dayton. Careful thought will also taken to ensure that the other ammenities already mentioned will be connected to. The site has so much potential, and although the city was extremly mad with NCR's move, I believe with a little careful thought and planning the site will once again be the heart of Dayton. We have visited a number of waterfront cities so far that have inspired me, mainly Sevilla, Spain. Sevilla has a wonderful waterfront which has been designed for a number of activites. The pathway system connects the entire city which has unified otherwise seperated sectors. Sevilla's path system is a good example of a successful waterfront development as it allows for a number of activites each of which are defined, but do not limit or cut off others from using the waters edge. So far this is the best influence as it shows me how to create a sucessful system for providing linkages to other parts of the city. My goal for the rest of the trip is to find an example which sucessfully integrates a park with multiple other functions such as a university and a connection hub. Finding such a place will help me develope a sucessfull project and will once again make Dayton a great place to live.

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