Thoughts of Home
MNB 02 - 01 - 2010

Travelling through a lot of different train station has been very helpful in understanding what it takes to create a good train station. One of the concepts that I saw and should be a part of the train station back in Indy is connectivity. A train station in Cordoba had multiple entrances virtually on all sides of the building for easier access of the building that is in the middle of the city. Another concept that I was thinking about is the concept of the arrival point. A lot of the train stations that we went through have been the terminal train stations and trains have to back out from it to get to the next destination. Because of the current structure of the rails, Indianapolis train station looks more like a train station that is on the way to get somewhere, because the train will have to enter the station from both sides. A lot can be learned from the Monte Carlo Train Station because that station structured the same as Indianapolis one in terms of train traffic.

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