Natural vs human
MNB 03 - 30 - 2010

For this entry I focused on two different works of architecture in Paris and how they interact with the natural world. I chose the Eifel tower ( on the right) and Jean Nouvelle's new museum of native art ( on the bottom). Both of these buildings are very structured and have hard edges that contrast a lot with nature. Eifel tower is located at the end of Mars Fields. This park has some natural flow to it, but it is mostly a formal park with a strong line of symmetry. That line of symmetry becomes overwhelmingly boring after a while, that is one of the reasons why I decided to sketch it off the axis. The Eifel tower seems to overtake the natural elements and rise over everything in the city. Man can concur everything, that was the idea of times of the industrial revolution. On the other hand, a few blocks away is a museum by Jean Nouvelle. Even though the museum is very blocky, the nature seems to take control on the outside. The building se surrounded by a flowing landscape design that creates different zones of naturalistic environments. This design depicts the newly rediscovered line of thought that people are a part of nature. It is also very appropriate idea for this museum because it houses art of the native populations from around the world.

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