Skyscrapers vs Nature
MNB 02 - 17 - 2010

Here, in Hong Kong, I have observed some very interesting dualities: land mass vs skyscraper landmass, natural elevation change vs human made elevation change. It is also interesting to see how they affect one another. The bottom image shows how the ground floor works in many buildings across the Hong Kong Island. Basically, they have two main lobbies that connect to different parts of vertical circulation. Also, what can be seen as a pedestrian bridge at one point can be a continuation of a sidewalk further into the city. The image to the right shows on top the relationship between the built forms and the severity of the slope of the island. Most of the skyscrapers are built on the relatively flat grounds and shorter buildings can be found here and there higher up; however, most of the steep slope is occupied by vegetation. Furthermore, not many skyscrapers challange the top of the hill in its height. The bottom of the image to the right really caught my eye with the grass on the foreground and the skyscrapers on the background. It was interesting to see right next to another natural and human elements trying to push slenderness ratio to the max.

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