MNB 01 - 07 - 2010

These two sketches record two differnt design aspects of what I saw in Spanish Buildings and cities. The sketch to the right shows a view from a plaza. It shows the desity of the city and how a plaza provides a vizual relief from that busy environment. The plaza also provides some connection to the nature with the orange trees. Nevertheless, plaza is not a park by any means. The tree do not screen the urban environent; the plaza just changes the proportions of the urban space. The sketch on the bottom shows the build-up to the focal point. It shows the Spanish Pavilion to the world fair that was in Sevilla. The building gradually builds up the intensity through the different pieces to the tower. At the same time the layering of the tower builds up interest to the spire with all the details and columns. At the same time the tower is used as a sort of a barrier, an end point to the space in front of the pavilion.

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