MLR 01 - 21 - 2010

While on a coach tour of Milan, Italy, I saw a certain section of road that interested me. This particular section on road included a metro rail, four lanes of traffic, two lanes of parking and two sidewalks. The multi use of parking with the median that includes the metro rail saves space. Since the median is turf instead of paving, this provides a pervious surface to absorbe impurities with or without automobiles present. There are alternating trees in the same row where the cars are parked to provide shade to reduce heat-island and overall temperature of the surfaces underneath. On a walking tour of Sevilla, Spain, I noticed a lamp post that had planters hanging from the post. After a discussion with the Mayor of New Castle in October, I thought a solution to a lack of maintanence funds to water planters in the downtown would be similar to what I saw in Sevilla. This diagram of a lamp post tries to portray an idea I had to water a planter using catchment where the water collected slides down into the planter full of flowers or other planting materials. Also, the downward direction of the catchment ramp will direct the light down towards the street in all directions to cover more area and reduce light pollution. Using these small details in different culture has already furthered my knowledge of sustainability. There are tons of different design opportunities that are incredibly useful in my design for New Castle, IN and in my career in general. I am looking forward to seeing even more solutions to similar problems that will prove useful in the future.

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