MLR 04 - 05 - 2010

In the desgin for the greenway of New Castle, there are important intersections where the greenway intersects with a main circulation road. These intersections are to be designed to let a motorist, bicyclist, and pedestrian understand that there is something special happening in this certain location. Where the sidewalk swerves there are curved terraces that emulate the layering and curviture of the rose and to create a boundary between public and private space of the greenway and residents' yards. On one side of the sidewalk there is a layering up and on the other, there is a layering down that will also serve to collect excess rainwater and cleanse the water as the ground absorbes it, or a rain garden. This design element fulfills the desire to integrate design with sustainable practices that will enrich the functionality of New Castle in the environment. Helping users of the greenway and motorists passing through the greenway understand that each intersection is important will help with safety of users with small, subconscious hints to control speed and create awareness of activity. Vertical elements with the terracing, along with paving change will achieve this goal. These intersections will help others to realize the existence of the greenway and increase use by bringing others to the greenway.

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