MLR 02 - 23 - 2010

For the design phase B, I focused one aspect of my design on a possible community building for New Castle, my hometown. In this phase, I looked at characteristics that I wanted my building to have from inspiration derived from design principles and details that I have seen while on this tour. I wanted my community building to be connected with the environment around it by opening itself up to let nature interact with the building and the people inside. By adding a courtyard space with large glass windows to allow for views as well as natural light, along with terrace green roofs to filter water that will eventually land into the courtyard, the building appears to be enveloped in natural material. In my next rendition for phase C, I have focused on similar principles in phase B but with an added design language that will continue throughout my entire design in New Castle. I have decided to use the idea of abstracted nature and its natural forms while using mainly the forms of a rose and a raintree. Both of these plants have a special, historical connection with my town, and in order to achieve an appreciation of this history, I have determined the overall shape and form of my community building to play on the abstracted forms of these plants. I have used the circular shape of the flower and the layering around the facade of the building to add visual interest and possibly to allow access to the pitched, terraced roof gardens that still allow water to filter and fall into the entrance space. The first inside space is intended to be an initial gathering space where people can filter in and out of the building. My design aims to keep this space light and airy with easy transitions from outside to inside. The more interior rooms are intended to be simple meeting spaces for committees or other types of groups. Overall, my aim was to integrate structure with nature and use natural forms to create an interesting shape and spaces within the building itself, as well as ease the transition from nature to structure. While the shape of the building may change in future phases, those principles will continue throughout the design process because it is my belief, as a landscape architect that those are important when designing.

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