Seville, Spain
MLR 01 - 13 - 2010

In the road section (left), I have indicated a possible design for a sidewalk, bike lane, and road so all can share the road. I saw this type of separation in Sevilla, Spain and noted the manner of separation of bike and car. The barrier only involves a small bollard type of structure to keep bikes in line and cars in line but allow pedestrians to walk through and as to not create a visual barrier. The trees provide shade for pedestrians and bicyclists and rain water catchment and drainage to prevent flooding. In the conceptual plan for a greenway for New Castle, IN, I have highlighted a possible route to connect all parks and neighborhoods. I have indicated two sites that will be further designed and require more detail. Creating an easy, safe route will be a challenge to be met throughout the semester. Just seeing examples in Spain of ways to solve problems in different cities, has helped a lot in understanding ways to integrate people, bikes, and cars into one system. Understanding how the Spaniards have overlapped the three main user groups in one area will help me shape my way of thinking and improve my future designs. Realizing what other cultures have done right in the subject of a person's healthy lifestyle, will be invaluable. Transforming New Castle, IN into a healthy community will continue to remain a main goal as I travel and experience different cultures and design solutions to similar problems around the world.

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