Site details and Master Planning
MJM 03 - 11 - 2010

My design has greatly progressed since the charette and my talk with Rod. Through the charette, I came up with several ideas for site specifics. One idea is the bridge to connect the exiting park to the South with my new proposal. I want to design a bridge that uses materials made by the plant. Incorporated into the bridge will be part of the narrative of the mill site. Another idea I had was to give each of my four main ideas a section of the site and blend then together in the middle. The idea shows how the events of the past impacted the site compared to the future of my site and possibly the greener future. My preliminary master plan shows the bridge, the mixed middle, and each area is labeled. My discussion with Rod went really well, I believe. He likes my first ideas and is pushing me to go farther. Like any good review, he wants to make sure that I can back up my ideas. The one suggestion he gave me that I like the most is to tell the story of the past and the story of reclaiming the brown field site on two axis of the land. These stories would meet in the middle showing the current activity. Along with each axis, my use areas will be related to each other. For example, my recreation fields would be on slightly different levels. These levels would feed into different levels of the bioswale in the site. The swale is part of the site as an education tool to teach how to clean the water naturally as well as the cleaning the site had to endure after the mill was removed.

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