Design #2, Prelim Development
MCP 03 - 11 - 2010

I've started the master planning process of the mixed use block and residential section along the Fountain Street extension. I've struggled with programming the space, using the city's strategic plan as a guide, but I think I have decided on a mixed use development in the first block and another block of townhome living with lot-line construction and a backyard used for vegetable gardening and vehicular access. Tree lined streets with medians, bus stops, and bike lines will set the tone for this district, as sustainable development is important to the city. The photos are of the preliminary master plan for the district complete with the mixed use development and residential sector. I've also included a parking structure in this development. Between the mixed use development and the parking garage is a gathering spot that will include patios for outdoor cafes, stage areas for performance art, and short term gallery spaces to showcase local student work from the River Campus. The second sketch shows a section along Fountain Street and how street tree planting can be utilized to catch/slow storm water runoff before entering the city's infrastructure. It also shows a preliminary design for the lighting fixture that incorporates the new city branding logo. The streets will be pedestrian friendly and allow room for outdoor cafes and other nooks along the way.

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