Introduction to my Hometown Project
MCP 01 - 29 - 2010

My hometown project is based in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and consists of a mixed use development neighborhood that skirts the historic downtown area and will connect the River Campus for Visual and Performing Arts with the downtown core. Part of the development will include an extension of Indian Park, street enhancements with roundabouts, and a gateway/way-finding system for the district. The surrounding residential neighborhood has recently been designated a National Register Historic District and the area has a strong history, which will be expressed in the design. It is my goal to develop a master plan for this area and take into account several goals laid out by the city in its new strategic plan. So far I have observed several interesting street designs that incorporate pedestrian, vehicular, public transportation, and gathering spaces easily and effectively. Several examples were found in Barcelona, Spain, including the Diagonal which is shown in section. It has bus, vehicle, and tram lanes, as well as a central corridor for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. My site will not need to allow for as much circulation, but it will be a nice study to take into account in my design. The second sketch is of Gaudy's special designed pavers that relate to the history of Barcelona. I believe that using a designed paving pattern in Cape Girardeau could provide an interesting way of detailing the district's history.

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