LNP 01 - 12 - 2010

So far, we have been traveling for approximately one week. And while that might seem like a short time, it has felt considerably longer. I have already experienced so much and seen so many enlightening things that I even have trouble remembering what I did the previous day! Wait, what city am I in? What day is it?! Despite my horrible memory, I have attempted to collect a few things I have learned in the past week for your reading pleasure: 1) Spain has the lowest birth rate in the world- even lower than China. 2) Many Spanish people do not get married until they're over 35 years old. Hence the population issue. 3) Bread, meat, and cheese really can be eaten for all three daily meals. And are very cheap! 4) Most Spaniards are Catholic but interestingly, nearly every church in this country was once a mosque. 5) European trains run ON TIME. And if you're late... RUN! 6) I need to learn Spanish. 7) Wearing the same clothes everyday in different colors is really quite comforting. It requires no creativity or thought. 8) I can't wait to feel the sun and heat in Egypt. 9) Street food is usually more satisfying than any food you can get in a restaurant. 10) I will never stop traveling. Pictures: a) Mosque at Cordoba b) Plaza de Espana in Seville

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