LF 01 - 09 - 2010

Seville is a city of around 704,000 inhabitants. Nestled in between its Narrow streets and even narrower sidewalks are many plazas and squares of varying scales. At the center of almost all of them is a water feature which provides white noise as well as a cooling effect for those seeing it and walking by. The ones which do not have water display a statue depicting the person to whom the plaza is dedicated or named after. While in a plaza Inmaculada, our tour guide, commented that the court was constructed of a light yellow material, but that only five years ago it was black from the smoke left behind by the city buses.

The need and want to protect historical landmarks has led the people of Seville to implement sustainable strategies. For example, converting streets which were at one time intended for vehicular traffic to streets for pedestrian traffic. Doing so has allowed them to improve the experience of pedestrians and the conditions of the buildings. The city has also constructed bike lanes and a bike rental system that give residents an alternative mode of transportation. Even though Seville's old buildings are not being reworked to incorporate green buildings the planning of the city does an incredible job at making the city walkable and limit carbon emissions.

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