LF 03 - 15 - 2010

March 15th,2010...Today after a breakfast which consisted of some fruit, more specifically an apple and a kiwi, cereal and black tea I returned to my room to finish packing. I have lost count of how many times I have packed and unpacked my Eagle Creek bag but I am certain that I am getting faster every time I do it. After doing the count, which is up to number 55, we headed to Auschwitz. I had read about Auschwitz in the pre-travel course in the Fall semester and had experienced other Holocaust museums in the past but none were quite like this. I was actually stepping where thousands of people had passed through, some to die within hours of having arrived and others within months. The tour lasted about two hours, about the same time it would have taken one individual to go through the selection process and be escorted to the gas chambers. After the tour we had about an hour drive to get back to the city. Upon returning to the city, I explored more of the old city with a small group. We walked around the city square where several vendors had setup booths and were selling Amber jewelry and various souvenirs. We walked by U.S. consulate office and found an American movie poster shop. The posters were of movies from the United States but painted by a polish artist. Around the corner from that shop was a vendor selling bagels...I had not had a bagel since January 5th, and I had to have one. I bought a small bag worth five Zloty which contained about a dozen and a half mini bagels. When I opened the bag I found that the bagels were actually grouped in the form of a necklace (image to the bottom right). We had about two hours before we had to be at Bohema for dinner and we walked back to Kazimierz to explore the neighborhood for a second time. We walked into a local restaurant and had a few cold drinks before heading back to the old city for dinner. After dinner we walked back to the Hotel and picked up our luggage and headed to the train station. We were grouped 6 to a room on the train, three beds per side, and departed the station at around 22 hours and 15 minutes to wake up in Budapest.

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