LF 03 - 24 - 2010

Design After a critique in Vilnius I realized that a community center would not fulfill what I wanted to happen in the community. The community center would not bring together the young and old and allow them to exchange their knowledge of the old and new. They need to have a common purpose to form connections. The master plan will be similar but instead of a community center being opposite of the County Courthouse it will be a Cooking studio. The Cooking studio will provide spaces in which the community can access cooking and baking supplies which they might not have in their own homes. Grandparents can bring their grandchildren and teach them a family recipe for a particular dish, while being among other community members in the shared cooking space. There will be many lounges mixed in between the cooking spaces which will allow others using the spaces to enjoy the smells and sounds of others preparing meals and snacks. The smells will trigger peoples' memory from childhood and encourage an exchange of stories and wisdom. The cooking studio will be the gateway to the city of Huntington and be a space which in enjoyed by the families in the community. It will also be a symbol for the county in which information is exchanged and traditions are formed.

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