LF 02 - 11 - 2010

In these past 38 days I have been observing ways in which cities respond to street conditions and how I may apply that to my hometown project in Huntington, Indiana. The project is a revitalization of the downtown area and more specifically a community center which will be the symbol for the community. While in Italy I observed fascinating ways to deal with the separation of traffic and pedestrians as well as ways to connect both sides of the street. In some cases where there was a spacious road one could find an outdoor dining area for a nearby restaurant among the cars. In cities with narrow streets like Rome and Barcelona buildings on the street corners are treated either with rounded edges or by pulling back to allow light to reach the street level. However while in Athens I observed a street corner which had been set aside for a small restaurant with outdoor seating to take advantage of the views onto the Acropolis. To the bottom and to the right are images from a design experiment I completed while in Egypt. The experiment dealt with street intersections and ways in which an architectural piece could interact with the edge conditions of buildings, while allowing light to reach the street.

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