Analysis Spain
LF 01 - 17 - 2010

In Spain a major feature in buildings found in residential buildings is the balcony. When walking around the city one can observe the how the balconies are an extension of the interior living space. Some attempt to make a small garden by using plants in pots, others as storage and some people use it as a place to dry their laundry. From time to time people can also be seen smoking a cigar and pacing back and forth watching the people below. In France balconies are slightly different. In Avignon there were still balconies but there were very few which extended from the building facade. Windows were covered with simple iron work. The Screening provided by the iron does not allow a person to walk out and look down the street, they can only observe what is close to them. In this case the "balconies" provide protection instead of views, protection from falling out of the window and from people trying to break in. The difference between the two functions of a balcony can be because Spain has a greater history of religious processions along the city streets, and viewing these was important to residents of the city. (Sketch from Granada below, window in Avignon on the right)

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