Camel Riding in Egypt
KES 02 - 07 - 2010

I found it very interesting how one minute we were in the middle of town in Cairo, and the next we were out in the desert in Giza looking at the pyramids. It was a very quick transition, but it was finally time to ride camels. The time I had been waiting for all trip. I was so excited to trek through the dunes of Egypt. Dru and I shared a camel for 12 American dollars and we named him Lucifer because of our awful start. Egyptian men were harrassing us and trying to put us on two separate camels, though. They do this to make more money and they're really good at it. They were pushing us everywhere. We finally decided on a nice looking one and jumped on. Standing up was the most difficult part. His butt flew up in the air and Dru and I flew forward. I was screaming and almost ended up hanging around the camel's neck. He finally stood up and we regained control, slightly. We were a little shakey at first, but eventually got used to it. They connected ropes between all of our camels to form lines, then started us off into the dunes. It was only 20 minutes long, but definitely one of my favorite experiences thus far. It was hilarious to watch everybody. We looked absolutely ridiculous and out of place. The kid that was guiding our line took our cameras and snapped a few shots of us with our camel. It was an amazing experience, and Dru and I had a much more successful exit than entrance. The man hassled us both for extra tip money, so we walked away quickly. It was as exciting as I had hoped it would be and I would not be upset if I was accidentally "left behind" and had to ride another.

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