KES 01 - 22 - 2010

Boboli Gardens: Florence, Italy I found our tour through the Boboli Gardens to be very fascinating. The experience sparked design ideas and allowed me to capture some memorable photos and sketches. The rows of trees and hedges create a very natural and relaxing environment and the garden takes full advantage of the beautiful weather. Located in the mountains, the Boboli Gardens offer breathtaking views of the Tuscan mountains and surrounding city (as shown in the left image). The intense elevation change in this part of Florence provides strong views of the skyline and allows you to create more depth within your sketch. This view of the buildings, landscaping, and river helps to give an overall understanding of the city's layout. I found it interesting how often they did use this elevation change to benefit the design of the garden. For example, as shown in the right image, this long, sloped walkway is used as a transition space between two focal points (possibly a water fountain, sculpture, gathering space, etc). The landscaping is designed to define this area as a space itself and create an interesting approach to the feature at the end of the "tunnel". The elevation change helps to frame this area of importance and create an interesting approach. We are not familiar with this idea in Muncie because much of our land is very flat. Given the mountains, Florence has been placed with the advantage of using the natural environment to design in elevation. The views within the garden were beyond incredible and I had an amazing experience. It could take many more hours to explore the whole garden in as much depth as I would have liked.

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