JRM(2) 01 - 12 - 2010

The Seville Expo Center is by far the most impressive and successful space so far on the tour. The design is timeless and it was designed for an expo in the 1930’s. (It is also in films such as Lawrence of Arabia and Star Wars) When we reached the site we entered through the convex side of the building [see below]. When we crossed through to the concaved side everyone was astounded. The location of the two opposite towers [see right] and the central fountain makes this an impressive space were every location offers a unique and impressive view. The water way splits up the large space into a long repetitive street that is used as an outdoor library. The radial bridges allow access from the fountain in the center to the outlooks along the crescent building. The concave shape of the building in plan pushes the visitors back out to the large amount of gardens that accompany the building, or if one is approaching the building from the garden it welcomes like a open hand.

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